What's "Browser" Most Used?

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In early 2013, Internet Explorer (IE) still occupy the first position as a browser (browser) is the most widely used. While Google's browser, Chrome, is still working hard to snatch second place from Firefox.

Based on the results of research from Net Applications, between December 2012 and January 2013, the number of IE users increased 0.37 percent. Means, Microsoft's browser was successfully increased from 54.77 percent to 55.14 percent in the month of January.

Market value could be of great value to Microsoft. Long enough, IE does not work through a number of 55 percent.

In detail, the new IE 10 get 1.29 percent of the market. While IE9 was 20.93 percent and IE 8 is still the best for Microsoft with a value of 23.54 percent.

Firefox, the open-platform browser Mozilla, remained in second place. The amount of their market share increased slightly, amounting to 0.12 percent, from 19.82 percent rate to 19.94 percent.

Firefox 18 is a version of the most widely used browser with the amount of 8.29 percent. Whereas previous versions, 17, accounted for a market share of 5.19 percent.

Chrome is still trying hard to chase market share owned by Firefox. Unfortunately, in the month of January, Chrome's market share actually declined 0.56 percent of the 18.04 percent to 17.48 percent.

In detail, Chrome version 24 accounted for 8.7 percent and Chrome 23 has 8.88 percent market share.

Excerpted from The Next Web, Friday (01/02/2013), Chrome does look almost chasing Firefox at the end of 2012 last year. After three months of losing market share, Chrome was able to get an increase in late 2012. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year, Chrome actually decreased.

However, that does not mean Chrome will not be able to keep Firefox in 2013. Just look at the development of the browser market share for the latest versions of their respective companies. Both were released within two days that differ only in January, but the number could be obtained Chrome a bit bigger. It seemed to want to show more rapid pace than Firefox Chrome adoption rate.

Net Applications uses data collected from the 160 million unique visitors each month. This service monitors over 40,000 client sites.

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