Twitter Hijacked By China's Hackers and 250,000 Accounts Controlled By "Hacker"

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There have been two major media claiming that their website has been compromised by a hacker or hackers who then known from China. Both media are New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Not long ago, turn to Twitter, popular microblogging site, which announced that their site has been compromised by cyber criminals.

Through its official blog on Saturday (02/02/2013), Twitter claims to have noticed a pattern of unusual access some time ago. After investigation, the security Twitter finally realize their site is being hacked.

Furthermore, there are 250,000 Twitter discovered the account had been stolen from the database, including username, password, e-mail, as well as session tokens.

For the record, the session token is cryptographics a browser cookie (browser) "submit" to Twitter every time a user visits the site. By this token session, users no longer need to enter a username and password each visit back to Twitter.

"We managed to find a direct offensive and 'turn off' the attack moments later. However, the results of our investigation, attackers have taken as much user information approximately 250,000 accounts," said Twitter.

To protect its users, Twitter was immediately taken some precautions. All passwords and session tokens that are suspected of having stolen by hackers from China, it has been reset.

Twitter also has sent an e-mail to users which contains information about how to change the password.

"Make sure you use a strong password-at least 10 (more, better) characters and a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols that are not used in the account or any other site," advises the Twitter.

Users are also advised to disable Java in the browser, which is famous as a place of entry threat.

"The attack was carried out by people who are not amateurs anymore. Aggressors are very sophisticated, and we believe other companies and organizations have also experienced the same attack. Due to this reason, we felt it was important to announce this attack, gathering information, and we will help government and legal institutions in their efforts to find the attacker is to make the Internet safer for all users, "added Twitter.

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