This The Glasses Anti-Hidden Camera

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A pair of sunglasses called "spectacles privacy" has been developed to track the hidden cameras that use facial recognition software.

Prototypes (prototype) designed by scientists at the National Institute of Informatics Tokyo.

These glasses are equipped with a near infrared light source, which can be confusing software without disturbing sight.

Law enforcement, social networking and shopping now start using facial recognition software.

Prof. Isao Echizen says, "As a result of the development of facial recognition technology at Google images, Facebook and others as well as the popularization of portable terminals that complements the photos with photo information [geotagged] ... important things to prevent the invasion of privacy caused by the photos taken of silence silently and unintentional shooting now required. "

Near-infrared light that "add noise to an image without affecting human vision," he said.
Shop Mannequins
Prof. Echizen said the glasses, which connects the pocket of energy sources, will be rewarded according to his ability, but there is a simpler alternative.

Cosmetic thick or mask can also serve as tilting your head to the 15-degree angle, which would fool the software and make him think that you do not have a face, so the instructions are written by online hackers group Anonymous.

Last September, following a review by the commissioner of data protection Ireland, Facebook undo tool facial recognition in photos on the social networking users in Europe.

In last November, it was revealed that some mannequins in the store buyer collects data through facial recognition software.

Mannequins named EyeSee was noted for age, gender and race of visitors through a camera hidden behind one of his eyes.

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