BlackBerry and iPhone Inside The Samsung Ads

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Before the launch of the BlackBerry 10 operating system on January 30, 2013 later, Samsung issued attacks tend to tease BlackBerry through the actual commercial television advertising to promote the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II.

In this ad, Samsung would like to emphasize that the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II also supports business and corporate activities. For this reason, Samsung put the motto "The Next Big Thing for Business is Here."

In the ad told, there is a pioneering company (startup) who want to make a game called Unicorn Apocalypse. The company no longer makes rules that require employees to use a particular brand of cell phone, company leaders let employees choose his favorite smart phone.

There are some employees who use BlackBerry, iPhone, and some are used Samsung.

Here, Samsung imaged can perform business activities, multimedia, and entertainment. Implicitly, Samsung wants to give the impression of not only BlackBerry are viable for business activities.

Funnily enough, there was a middle-aged woman who wears a BlackBerry for work and an iPhone for at home. He is a very dependent on the "system." There was an employee who advised her to use the Galaxy S III only. Then she flatly refused and said, "Respect my system."

These ads also promote technology Security and Feature Enhancements (SAFE), which allows users to connect a Samsung device to the corporate network and is used as a device to work. This technology has been released Samsung in June 2012 and in the United States, while in Europe in November.

This the video;

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