This Is The Best 'Browser' For Android Phones

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Have you ever surfed the internet and feel less comfortable with the browser you are using? For users of the gadget or smart phone (smartphone) operating system based on Android, a record number of Jack Wallen on the site TechRepublic technology can be considered.

Columnist product specialist gadget that expose a suitable alternative browsers on the Android products.

Smartphone users can also measure whether they want to change the default browser with a browser that is deemed appropriate.

He tested the built-in browser (default) from Android, the browser Firefox, Dolphin for Pad, Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 and Opera Mobile web browser.

Actually there is also Google's Chrome browser. Google's browser, according to Wallen, actually really great, but because it generally can not be used on Android, so he did not test this browser. Chrome can only be used for the series of Android phones 4.0 and above.

The criteria used is the speed of opening applications, the speed of opening pages, ease of use and interface (interface). For each criterion, Wallen installed next score average scores in each browser.

As a result, Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 to obtain the highest with a score of 4.8.

The browser has received a score of 5 on the speed of opening the application criteria, a score of 4 on the speed of opening pages, a score of 5 for ease of use, and 5 on the display interface. Overall, testers gave a score of 5 so there is an average of 4.8.

Excellence Skyfire is the availability of some very unique features, such as Facebook and Twitter integration and the settings page (tab) easier. Skyfire also provides the easiest way to switch from mobile to desktop mode.

The default Android browser built-in or only got an average score of 3.8. But testers keep praising this browser by calling it a feature-rich browser and be able to function properly. One that works well is considered to be incognito mode (to disguise the pages that have been opened).

Browser from the "outside" may have many advantages over the default browser of your Android smartphone, but not all phones can be "compatible" with the browser.

As described above, you may agree may also rejected, then create their own values ​​and determine which one is the most fun to surf with Android phones.

The results of measurements Android browser
1. Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 (total: 4.8)
2. Firefox (total: 4.6)
3. Dolphin for Pad (total: 4.2)
4. Built-in Android browser (total: 3.8)
5. Opera Mobile (total: 3.6)

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