Spying Password Figures At Most Used

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Numeric passwords / numbers, or better known as the PIN is widely used everyday to protect your personal information, ranging from ATMs, cell phones, fax machines, key to the suitcase.

The number of common digits between 2 to 10, although there is also a need to be up to 14 digits. Let's look interesting facts about and PIN selection of the most frequently used.

  • 4-digit PIN of the most widely used is 1234. For 5-digit 12345. For 6-digit 123456, and so on.
  • A PIN number twins, such as 1111 and 0000 are also included popular PIN.
  • The figure is a recurring favorite code, for example 1122, 1313, 1010, and 6969.
  • James Bond is also often used as a PIN, ie 0007 or 0070.
  • The easy PIN code typed in the phone is 2580, is also widely used.
  • Of 3.4 million numeric password, this is the top-20 of the most widely used.
  • Password numerical occupied Bottom-20 aka the least used is as follows.
  • 8. Password with 4-digit numeric is the most widely used.
  • For 5-digit PIN, the user does not have the imagination of so many more who use 12345.
  • For 6-digit PIN, repeat the "69" still widely used.
  • The code also enter the code 159 753 favorites (forming the letter "X" on the numeric keypad).
  • James Bond 007 007 twins, including many fans.
  • Album Tommy Tutone (the 80's) containing the song 8675309. This figure is widely used in the 7-digit code.
  • In the 9-digit password, the combination of a simple typed is 789 456 123 (upper-middle-tier down on the phone keypad) and 147 258 369 (rows left-center-right).
  • Triple James Bond is also emerging as the favorite code 9-digit password.
  • Mathematically alive! At position 16, 10-digit password code 3141592654 perch (Pi).
  • A complete list of top-20 favorite code 5-digit to 10-digit is as follows.

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