IDC: 68 Percent Android, iPhone 17 Percent

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The smart phone market to the Hippodrome to Google and Apple.

According to the research agency IDC, in the quarter, Google with its Android sales reached 68 percent, four times the rate of sales (Apple) its iPhone, which is 17 percent.

IDC said the number of Android phones sold in the second quarter of this year nearly 105 million units, more than doubling sales in the same quarter last year.

So is the company's competitors, Apple shows rapid progress with the increase in sales by 28 percent over the previous year.

According to senior analyst Ramon Llamas, Android phones are superior in terms of price and design than Apple.

More specifically, the highest achieved sales of Android phones by Samsung which controls 44 percent of smart phone sales. Besides Samsung, Google is also working with seven other smart phone vendors.

Keep in mind, Apple and Samsung had fallen out because Apple claims Samsung copied the iPhone design. The plan, the latest iPhone version of the iPhone 5 will be released next month.

According to IDC, sales of iPhone 4S since October last year is still far from enough to rival the sales of mobile phones based on Android operating system.

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