Game Play Can Get 10,000 U.S. Dollars From Diablo III

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Making money through the game now more easily with the real money transactions in the popular game Diablo III. Through the transaction, a player managed to get the money of 10,000 U.S. dollars from sales of virtual currency and virtual objects.

Diablo III player who uses the name "WishboneThe Dog" is not clearly spelling out various transactions are done to get the money. However, he insists, all obtained by lawful means.

It uses the virtual money in Diablo III (named Gold) to buy items in game auction house and sell it at auction market using real money in this game. Apparently, he used a technique similar to the work in the real world, namely in the stock market.

He is looking for objects in the game are sold at a price below the standard to then sell it on the original money market. In fact, he stated deliberately learned in high school economics to understand the technique is barter.

"Money in Diablo III is more easily traded than 90 percent of currency in the world."

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