Windows 7 Become Most Popular OS, Windows XP Still Wanted

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Windows operating system from Microsoft still dominates the global operating system usage. The most widely used is Windows 7, Windows XP and then followed that was enough "old" in the second position.

According to a survey research institute StatCounter period June 2011 to June 2012, Windows 7, released in 2009 managed to reap most of the operating system market in the world with 50.2 percent. The second position is occupied by Windows XP by 29 percent.

Microsoft has announced plans to discontinue support for Windows XP in April 2014. The giant software company has issued a recommendation to corporate clients, colleges, and schools in order to update the operating system Windows XP to Windows 7.

For an operating system, Windows XP can be called the age old, ie 11 years. However, there are still many who meminatinya, even beat Windows Vista which was released in 2006.

Nevertheless, based on a survey StatCounter, the use of Windows Vista is still higher than the Mac OS X from Apple.

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