South Korea Enacted A Special Evening For Playing Game

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South Korea is well known among gamers as the country with the largest players in the world. Almost all people in this country play the game, especially teenagers and children.

To protect adolescents from the adverse effects due to playing too much, the South Korean government plans to implement a curfew law for the gamer or known by the name "Shutdown Law."

Through these laws, gamers aged under 16 years old are prohibited to play the game at six hours that have been determined by the government in times of night.

The ban aims to encourage learning for children and adolescents. Unfortunately, the law actually got a strong reaction from civil society organizations and the South Korean online game company.

Not just against, those who do not like to make this law even lawsuits against the rules. The first demand came from community organizations representing parents and children. They consider these regulations violate the rights of parents to educate their children.

While both lawsuits comes from a large online gaming company in South Korea, such as NCSoft, Neowiz, and Nexon. The big companies think the law is not legal and in accordance with state laws.

Naturally, when a curfew was imposed the automatic advantage of the online gaming company, which in fact is the majority type of game being played in the country, will decrease drastically.

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