Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Release Schedule

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Microsoft officially announced the scheduled release of the latest operating system, Windows 8, in October 2012.

In a global partner conference on Monday (09/07/2012) evening, Microsoft said that Windows 8 release schedule for the hardware maker partners will be carried out in August.

While Windows 8 for new customers released late October, in conjunction with the launch of the first computer that uses Windows 8.
The display screen "Start" on the Metro interface of Windows 8  Release  Preview 
For users of genuine Windows 7 operating system, can perform an update to Windows 8 Pro simply by paying 14.99 dollars.

Windows 8 beta version called the Consumer Preview fairly well received. In one day, Windows 8 Consumer Preview downloaded 1 million times. After that, then Microsoft presents Windows 8 Release Preview in June, which can be downloaded at this link.

There are many changes that occur in Windows 8. It uses the Metro's interface with the look of identical plots, colorful, which represents the software and features. Windows 8 also remove the start button, which in previous versions of Windows are always placed at the bottom left corner of the monitor.

Microsoft also designed to run on Windows 8 tablet. Only, Windows 8 for this tablet will be made in two versions, for tablet devices that use x86 architecture processors, and the ARM architecture.

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