Display Firefox OS on Galaxy S II

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Mozilla, the company that developed the application of the Firefox browser, is preparing an open mobile operating system (open source) that is named Firefox OS. Mozilla hopes, prime with Firefox OS device could be released in 2013.

Firefox OS is re-naming of the "Boot to Gecko" (B2G), which in the beginning of the project is also a web-based mobile operating system is open from Mozilla. B2G Mozilla project was announced on July 25, 2011.

Some Firefox OS user interface display has been circulating on the internet. Someone named Peter Judge from TechWeekEurope, has tested the Firefox OS running on Samsung smartphone Galaxy S II. However, this is not the final version of Firefox OS.

Appearance of Firefox OS combines the aesthetic iOS operating system from Apple, as well as the functional layout of Android from Google.

Firefox OS combines the aesthetic appearance of iOS operating system from Apple, as well as the functional layout of the Google Android.

Mozilla says Firefox OS will be completely open mobile ecosystem. It is built with open web standards, while the application was developed with HTML5 technology.

These look like Firefox OS operating system, published by Peter Judge, Friday (17/07/2012).

Lock screen, also can immediately view the notification

When a call comes in.

Home screen

Contact list

Phone numbers and email contacts

Display email and virtual keyboard, it looks like iPhone

Inbox in an email application, capable of displaying images

SMS Display

SMS inbox

The camera feature

Photo gallery

Video gallery

 Calendar, it looks like the calendar on Android

When the calendar is opened, the screen to the right broom, then out the calendar events by category

Can set a shortcut (shortcut) a group of applications

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