This Domain "Dot Anything" The Most Wanted

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Filing of the application domain name dot anything by larger companies and individuals around the world have been completed.

Regulatory domain administrator global Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has also revealed a list of domain names or top level domains (TLD).

According to ICANN, TLD Generic held during the program, there are 1930 domain names submitted by the companies and individuals from 60 countries.

United States the country with the filing of the domain at the most, as many as 911 applications, 675 applications with the European and Asia-Pacific region followed with 303 applications. Meanwhile, Latin America and the Caribbean and Africa, only 24 applications only 17 applications.

Large companies are racing to get a domain that is unique and relevant to their business. The following are the most contested domain name.

- 13 applications filed. App
- 11 applications filed. Home
- 11 applications filed. Inc
- 10 applications filed. Art
- 9 applications filed. Blog
- 9 applications filed. Llc
- 9 applications filed. Book
- 9 applications filed. Shop
- 8 applications filed. Design
- 8 applications filed. Music
- 8 applications filed. Movie
- 7 applications filed. News
- 7 applications filed. Cloud
- 6 applications filed. Baby
- 6 applications filed. Corp
- 4 applications filed. Fashion

Google and Amazon, including the most aggressive companies filed a domain suffix (dot anything). Google reportedly filed 100 more domains, while Amazon eyeing 76 domains, including. Book. Buy. News,. Movie,. Music,. Mobile, and. Tunes.

Many companies that filed a domain name based on their trademarks, such as. Lego,. Nfl, or. Foodnetwork. In fact, there is a proposed domain. Sexy and. Sex.

Company or organization is preparing as if the internet is leaving the domain. Com,. Net, and other old domain suffix. According to ICANN President and CEO Rod Beckstrom, many companies that need a new domain is to anticipate the future of the internet.

"We're standing on the cusp of a new era of innovation and online. This will mark a new business, new marketing tools, new jobs, and new ways to connect people with information on the internet," said Rod.

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