Microsoft Consider to Buying Nokia

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Enterprise software giant, Microsoft is considering the purchase of Finnish company Nokia before it shows the company's books.

Register page report citing a reliable source of Nokia provides access to Microsoft to see the company's books at the end of last year. Microsoft opens the possibility to determine the purchase of Nokia could benefit the company.

According to CNet, Microsoft quickly moved after seeing the book Nokia. Although the company apparently is not impressed. Reasonable considering the sale of Nokia fell rapidly. At this crisis, mobile users and Android IOS-based devices increased. So, so obviously the reason Microsoft may have been considering the purchase of all or part of Nokia.
Nokia Lumia Cooperation With Microsoft
Global companies from the United States needs to make a splash in the mobile market while Nokia is still sending hundreds of millions of devices each year. This condition effectively puts Microsoft in a position to take a big chunk of the mobile market, plus the price of Nokia is cheap because of the crisis.

In the last five years, Nokia has demonstrated its market share dropped 90 percent to U.S. $ 2.91. Capital market is only U.S. phone company $ 10.45 billion. Microsoft cash generated each quarter can get a Nokia with ease. In fact, without feeling a jolt Nokia. Microsoft just bought a piece of the Nokia that will cost less.

Even with all the cash, Microsoft is not able to make a bad purchase. This is the reason Microsoft decided just last year in partnership with Nokia. Microsoft only supports to make the main operating system Windows Phone on Nokia products, rather than have them directly.

Although Microsoft and Nokia can not make the acquisition agreement, there are rumors that came other offers. In December, Microsoft and Nokia was rumored to make a joint bid to buy Research In Motion. Upon further investigation, they reportedly decided against it.

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