Make Dual SIM Cell Phone, HTC Following China Phone?

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To create market differentiation, vendor HTC made ​​smartphones with dual SIM card (GSM-CDMA). However, the desire to produce phones that are deemed to follow China's mobile phone vendor.

Head of Product Marketing Indonesia HTC, HTC Samudro Seto explains the desire to produce mobile phones with dual SIM card (GSM-CDMA) not because of me-too market, particularly China mobile phone vendor. But rather to give the option phone with dual SIM card, especially in the smartphone market.

"The mobile phone market dual SIM card (GSM-CDMA) is very small, especially in the smartphone. So discretion is not just business, but rather to meet the needs of consumers who are having trouble finding a smartphone dual SIM cards," said Samudro at Media Roundtable at HTC's office Plaza Semanggi Jakarta, Thursday (21/06/2012).
HTC Desire C
Based on research from GfK, about 90 percent of the mobile phone with dual SIM card (GSM-CDMA) is a phone that sells for less than $ 110 dollars.

By reason of differentiation, HTC smartphone into a vendor that still offers cell phone dual SIM card (GSM-CDMA). In addition, the HTC adds features and value (value added) that do not exist in China's mobile phone.

"We do not position themselves and directly compete with low end mobile phone vendor. But better targeting the high end features and value-conscious," he added.

Until now, HTC is currently focused on creating consumer awareness (awareness) and build confidence (build the trust) on the HTC brand. Taiwanese vendors are actually also has a relatively large market share, particularly in the United States.

"We want to be perceived as a global brand, not the brand of China. We will only sell the device on top of $ 220 dollars," he explained.

With such positioning, it is clear that HTC smartphone vendor just wants to be middle to top. If you have to reduce prices to compete with China mobile phone vendor, the quality of the phones will go down.

"If the specification down, what's the difference with China mobile phone vendor. Luckily, the phone is not equipped with television are the mainstay of China's mobile phone vendor," he said jokingly.

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