Google Save Thousands Languages Endangered

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Of the approximately 7,000 languages ​​spoken around the world population today, half expected to disappear in the next century. For that reason, Thursday (21/06/2012), Google launched a project called "Endangered Language Project" or the Endangered Languages ​​Project Rescue.

The goal is none other than the preventing the extinction of endangered languages ​​is the number of speakers continues to shrink. Projects that can be accessed via the website online provides a means to store and distribute information or the results of research on endangered languages​​.

On a site that has about 3054 stores the documentation of these languages​​, users can obtain information about the languages ​​on the verge of extinction. In addition, users also can provide information or samples of the language through text files, audio, and video.
Map the distribution of rare languages ​​ site (image:
Thus, people who know the rare languages ​​are expected to be able to collaborate and contribute information on the online database.

The project is formed by a coalition of global language groups and associations "Alliance of Linguistic Diversity" in collaboration with Google that acts as a site developer Endangered Languages​​.

Endangered Languages ​​website also presents data infographics map the distribution of endangered languages ​​in all continents around the world.

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