Windows Tablet 8 Not Be For Sale Cheap

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Desire tablet vendors to compete with Windows 8 Android or Apple iPad tablet seems to be hampered. Microsoft Windows 8-producer who became the scapegoat.

As quoted from The Next Web, Microsoft set prices high enough for the operating system Windows 8 is scheduled to be used in the tablet. Windows 8 special price of tablet device will be priced in the range of 90-100 dollars, or nearly 1 million dollars.

It makes the producers of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) have difficulties to meet the target price of 300-350 U.S. dollars, or 2.7 to 3.2 million dollars for the tablet Windows 8 Runtime (RT) measuring 10 inches and 150-200 U.S. dollars, or 1, 4 to 1.8 million dollars for a 7-inch tablet.

RT is a version of Windows 8 Windows 8 is intended for ARM-based tablet devices with touch screen interface.

On the desktop computer or laptop, the price of the Windows operating system software is rarely questioned because it is usually only a fraction of the total price paid by consumers.

In the tablet, the percentage of the price comparison software and hardware devices in Windows 8 this case becomes greater.

When Microsoft Windows 8 RT exempt rates, 7-inch tablet that is designed for Windows 8 can be reduced to compete with homemade tablet Amazon Kindle Fire, is priced at 200 dollars or less than 2 million dollars.

Tablet market itself shows the trend of recent price declines, which, among others, triggered by the iPad 2 for 399 dollars from Apple. Windows 8 tablet makers should push the price of its product to be competitive.

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