Lady Gaga Will Make Social Networking "Little Monster"

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Lady Gaga fans, known as the "Little Monster" will soon have a special social networking.

With 25 million fans on Twitter and 50 million fans on Facebook, Lady Gaga fans were intended to gather in a social network., is a social network that was launched in beta. For a while, the Little Monster can register by entering your email address in the website.

Invitation from Lady Gaga management will be sent to the email address you enter. This registration system similar to social networking Pinterest registration system.

However, not just anyone can get an invitation to become a member. Manager of the website will send you a few questions that can indicate whether you are a true Little Monster. So, for people for fun, I'm sorry, this website will not allow you to join.

"Little Monster" Social Networking  

This website was built by the company Backplane, a company founded by Lady Gaga manager, who incidentally had worked as employees of Google and Facebook. Not confined to the Lady Gaga, Backplane plans to make some social networks for other world celebrities.

On the website of the Little Monster will be able to know each other, share photos, videos, articles, anything related to Mother Monster (calls to Lady Gaga fans).

Social networking is also a chat room will be equipped with a translator feature to simplify the fans from all over the world can interact directly.

Curious? Try just enter your email address to website and wait for answers from the management of Lady Gaga.

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