Apple Want to build "Space Shuttle"

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A number of citizens of the city of Cupertino, United States, recently received a flyer brochure sent out by Apple.

The leaflet contains a description of "Apple Campus 2", the new building manufacturer's iPhone and the iPad is scheduled to be built.

These images are included so that any custom of the people who live around the construction site can imagine what kind of Apple's new headquarters.

In the brochure, "Apple Campus 2" seems a circle with a garden in the middle. Roofs will be covered by solar panels.

The late Steve Jobs once said that the four-story building is going to be futuristic looks like a "spaceship was landing".

Building complex "Campus" which was first introduced in June 2011 is planned to be built in an area of ​​71 acres now occupied by 26 old buildings. The trees will be planted on the land around it.

Brochure "Apple Campus 2"
Apple confirmed that the new building is intended to complement the "Infinite Loop Campus" that already exists. "Campus 2" may be able to accommodate an additional 13 000 employees and serves as a research facility for Apple.

Apple headquarters called the "Campus" because its design resembles a university campus.

According to plan, construction will start this year as approved by the city council. If it goes according to schedule, Apple employees are expected to occupy the building in 2015.

"Apple Campus 2" will have a variety of fittings, such as auditoriums, restaurants and a fitness / recreation.

Different from the "Campus 1", the new headquarters of Apple is not open to the public. Apple executives will still inhabit the Infinite Loop building that serves as the official corporate headquarters of companies such technology.

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