Making Applications in BlackBerry 10 More Easier Than Android

Making applications on BlackBerry 10 based claimed easier than making a similar application for Android devices.

As stated by the Vice President of Global Alliances and Business Development BlackBerry, Marty Mallick to KompasTekno, on the BlackBerry Media Summit, in Waterloo, Canada.

"We (BlackBerry) do not have a problem with fragmentation. Platform we are clean," he said when asked what the appeal of BlackBerry 10 to application developers.

He compares the creation of Android applications, application developers should provide more time because of the fragmentation in Android.

Android fragmentation arising from the various models of Android devices, different screen size, screen resolution, and display interface. In addition, fragmentation is compounded by the existence of several different versions of Android.

Besides not fragmented, according to Mallick, BlackBerry 10 is very flexible because of the many tools that developers can use to build applications.

Application developers can select multiple platforms to build applications BlackBerry 10, such as HTML5, C / C + + Native, C + + / QT Cascades, WebWorks, Adobe AIR, Java Runtime Android, or BlackBerry Native SDK 10. Developer just choose the programming language that they control.

Indulge BlackBerry Developer
BlackBerry ambition to increase the number of applications continues to Blackberry 10 which has now reached 70,000 applications. Nearest target is to reach 100,000 apps next March.

To achieve this target, one that is made by BlackBerry is "spoiling" the application developers to make as many applications based on BlackBerry 10.

In addition to providing many programming tools as mentioned above, the BlackBerry did a lot to make a special program for developers.

"BlackBerry has organized a special program for developers, where they guarantee BlackBerry 10 qualified applications will receive an income of 10,000 U.S. dollars a year," said Vice President of Developer Relations and Ecosystems Development BlackBerry, Alex Saunders on the same occasion.

If that does not happen, RIM will pay the amount of the difference in actual revenues to reach U.S. $ 10,000.

At an event entitled "Got Game Port-a-Thon", also lured developers money 100 dollars for each application BlackBerry 10 resulting from porting applications to other platforms.

Understanding ported here, developers do not need to change his game total applications. Developers simply modify his application that has the other platforms, such as Android or iOS, to run on devices based on BlackBerry 10.

Special events for the developers too much held BlackBerry. Starting from the BlackBerry Jam, Hackathon, meetup, and workshops in 30 countries around the world, including Indonesia.
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How Speed BlackBerry Z10 vs Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5 Browser

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins said that phones with the operating system BlackBerry 10 will provide fast internet surfing experience. The promise was proved after the browser application (browser) BlackBerry 10 tested

Site MobileBurn browser speed test on BlackBerry 10 phones BlackBerry Z10, and then compare it with Safari on the Apple iPhone 5, Android default browser on the Samsung Galaxy S III, and Internet Explorer 8 in Windows Phone devices from Samsung Ativ Odyssey.

The first trial conducted with the application of a popular Browsermark gauge used to test the speed of the browser. If the number is higher test results, the performance is better.

- Default BlackBerry Browser on BlackBerry Z10: 2.383
- Android default browser on the Galaxy S III: 2.366
- Internet Explorer in Windows Phone at Ativ Odyssey: 1.780
- Safari in iOS on the iPhone 5: 1.448

Please remeber, the browser performance is affected by the hardware components of the phone, especially the processor. BlackBerry Z10 powered by a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 processor speed of 1.5 GHz. While the Galaxy S III uses quad-core Samsung Exynos 4412 1.4 GHz speed.

Although the BlackBerry browser so Z10 is the fastest, but the performance was not qualified to handle JavaScript. It gets a bad score gauges the application SunSpider. If the number of test results is lower, then the better the performance for JavaScript.

- Safari in iOS on the iPhone 5: 916.4 ms
- Android default browser on the Galaxy S III: 1.054,5 ms
- Internet Explorer in Windows Phone at Ativ Odyssey: 1.506,4 ms
- Default BlackBerry Browser on BlackBerry Z10: 1.963,4 ms

Unlike the old BlackBerry browser on the phone, surfing the internet on BlackBerry Z10 looks smooth and responsive. You can pinch the screen to zoom in and zoom out.

In addition, there are also choices Reader mode which only displays text and a few images to load the web page. Reader mode uses compression technology that save the use of internet bandwidths.

Watch the video below for the full results of the test performance of the BlackBerry browser 10:
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Acer Will Release "Quad-Core" Tablet With Cheap Price

Just a few days ago Acer launched its 7-inch Android tablet Iconia B1 cheap in Indonesia. Computer and gadget manufacturers from Taiwan was again rumored to be release tablet priced into the market.

As quoted from Unwiredview, Acer offers this time could be a cheap tablet size 8 and 10 inches. As Iconia B1, the second tablet will allegedly reinforced cardboard MediaTek processor, which the company used by many components of artificial devices inexpensive gadget.

MediaTek has created its first quad-core processor, MT6589. Well, this is reportedly the processor will be used by two cheap tablet from Acer that.

Acer president for the China region Linxian Lang believes that there are opportunities in the market besat cheap tablet. He mentioned that the number of global shipments for tablet products this year to reach more than 200 million units.

Reduced number pengkapalan Apple and Samsung products, there remains the "cake" of 120 million units in the low to mid-end that can be divided among other gadgets manufacturers, including Acer.

Cheap 8-inch tablet from Acer will be sold at a price tag of around 205 U.S. dollars. While tablet muah measuring 10 inches are expected to sell for U.S. 249 dollar.

In comparison, Iconia B1 sells for 150 dollars
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Violating Children's Privacy, Path Fined Billions

Social networks are intended only for family or close friends, Path, was ordered to pay a fine of 800,000 U.S. dollars by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Quoted from TechSpot, Monday (04/02/2013), the FTC punish Path for uploading personal data in the phone book for local children, without sepengatahuan and consent of the parents.

Furthermore, it is known Path has managed to get the phone book data from about 3,000 children under the age of 13. It is unlawful for Child Protection in Cyberspace USA.

Previously, Path is already acknowledged that their system receives the user inadvertently children under the age of 13. This can happen because the system does not automatically reject the user who does not qualify in terms of age.

For the record, the social networking service Path is not intended for children under 13 years.

In the Path app for iOS version 2.0, users are offered three methods to add friends. Users can find a friend directly from the contacts in the phone book, find friends from Facebook, or invite friends via e-mail or SMS.

The problem, Path system will collect data, such as name, address, phone number, e-mail addresses, and usernames on social networks other than the user's phone book, even if the user did not choose the "find a friend directly from the contacts in the phone book" .
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Launch Information of Android "Key Lime Pie" Is Removed

The next version of the Android operating system, which is likely given the code name of the Key Lime Pie, is rumored to release in May 2013. This news comes from the presentation materials technology company Qualcomm, which was then quoted media technology.

According to the website PCMag technology, Qualcomm presentation was leaked release schedule for Android in the spring in the United States. Google seems to be introducing Android Key Lime Pie in the application developer conference Google I / O 15-17 May 2013.

Tech blog Android Police first published report on Wednesday (30/01/2013). However, two days later removed the article.

Internet link of the article that displays the text message reads, "Information previously published in the URL contains confidential information and copyrighted Qualcomm, which has been published without the permission of Qualcomm. Information has been removed at the request of Qualcomm."

Android Authority tech blog that published similar stories, also have removed the information and displays a message like the one above on demand Qualcomm.

According to technology blog The Verge, there is another reason why Qualcomm request parties concerned to remove the content. Presentation also included a Qualcomm processor development plans in the future. Companies that focus on research and development of wireless technology is the technology of the future do not want published.

Back to the Android operating system, Google has always given the code name each version of Android by name candies, cakes, and desserts. Naming is also in accordance with the order of the alphabet. Here's the code name of the Android version, and from time to time:

- Android versi 1.1
- Android versi 1.5 (Cupcake)
- Android versi 1.6 (Donut)
- Android versi 2.0/2.1 (Eclair)
- Android versi 2.2 (Froyo: Frozen Yoghurt)
- Android versi 2.3 (Gingerbread)
- Android versi 3.0/3.1 (Honeycomb)
- Android versi 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
- Android versi 4.1/4.2 (Jelly Bean)

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Android Application Panorama "360" Updated

Panoramic image creation application for Android, 360, no longer has just overhauled display interface upstream, Teliportme. Not wrong if their application displayed on the main page of Google Play Store for two weeks.

"Being application" featured "because it helped boost the number of downloads of our applications," said Vineet Devaiah, CEO Teliportme, Friday (01/02/2013).

He said, before his feature by Google Play Store, download the application does not amount to a million times. In the last week, users applications surged to three million people and they are optimistic that the number could be increased to five million at the end of February.

360 is a panorama maker application developed by Teliportme and can be downloaded for free in the Android Store and this the link if want to download. One thing that distinguishes this application with other features that are free is like taking a panorama from the beginning to the position display stand, to use high-resolution quality.

In the latest update, they added the feature "Stitch Later" delaying the merging images later. Useful when the phone battery is nearly exhausted and want to continue the merger when it is connected to the charger. Such features can be unlocked by paying 1 dollar.

Application view is much different than the version before December. It looks more fresh with a dark color dominance. There is a blue round button at the bottom of the screen that will connect with panoramic shooting. Thus, users more easily and quickly if you want to take panoramic pictures.

Vineet said it was updating their applications so that the panorama is viewed through mobile sharper. By rubbing the fingers, like moving panorama users are on there.

Social features are also overhauled by Teliportme. Now they implement a feature like twitter follower.

Vineet explained, they wanted to make the panorama can be used to bloom so that users from different countries can peek at the beauty of the rest of the world only through the mobile phone screen.

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PlayStation 4 Will Be Released Soon

Shortly after rumors began to circulate, the news about the PlayStation 4 game console from Sony re-heard.

This time the party would announce its own Sony held an event titled the PlayStation Meeting 2013 on 20 February. It is estimated, Sony will introduce the fourth generation PlayStation themed event "Seeing the Future" is.

In fact, according to an excerpt from The Verge, the next-generation gaming console from Sony is mentioned will begin to enter the market this year as well.

Perhaps, Sony and Microsoft (Xbox) will throw a successor of the console game each in adjacent time.

To own a PlayStation 4, Sony reportedly plans to place more emphasis on social gaming (multiplayer).

Japanese electronics giant is also called the Playstation 4 will focus on "change the way users interact with the game console" instead of increasing hardware specs.

About this one, PlayStation 4 will reportedly use homemade chips as the main processor and AMD graphics processors that could potentially hinder compatibility with game titles designed for the PlayStation 3 Cell architecture.

As mentioned optical drive will remain available despite sounding will be removed by Sony.

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